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1st Axis "Strengthening research, technological development and innovation" of the 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Program of the Autonomous Province of Trento

Consulting Services Launch Communication SiWeGO - Innovative Startup

Beneficiary company: SiWeGO srl 

Co-financed amount € 17,500.00

The work carried out for SiWeGO focused on three macro areas of activity useful for introducing an emerging innovative startup into the market and allowed us to formulate an effective communication plan aimed at launching the new app.

The first activity carried out was that of the analysis that allowed us to recover all the correct information necessary to enter the second phase, the choice of the best marketing tools and channels to use and the objectives to be achieved. Once all the information was collected, the tools chosen and the objectives defined, we were able to enter the third phase where we designed a precise communication and marketing plan to be adopted. So to summarize, the approach we used was:


Selection, collection and analysis of data and information


Choice of tools to be used and objectives to be achieved


Planning of the communication and marketing plan to be implemented.

In particular, in the second phase we analyzed in detail all the marketing tools and communication strategies that we could have adopted for the launch of SiWeGO.

To further expand this scenario we have also studied the strategies and tools used by the different potential competitors of SiWeGO. 

Finally, in the third phase we combined all the work done by designing a detailed communication and marketing plan lasting 12 months.

Each activity and strategy chosen has been included in this plan, scheduling it and assigning it its own part of the budget available.

This tool will be extremely useful in the coming months because it will provide us with the precise path to follow and will allow us to monitor in real time if we are respecting the forecast of costs and above all of the results we want to obtain.

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