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How it all started

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Once upon a time there was a sales manager named Marcello ...

This would have been the perfect start to a fairytale. Too bad it isn't. This is the story of how SiWeGO was born. I begin.


It's thursday morning. Like every day of the week I get up and go to work.

As you may have noticed, I anticipated in the opening words that I am a sales manager. As such, I take care of commercial management, coordinate sales and get in touch personally with the customer. As a sales manager, I am also often involved in the logistics industry.I'll be honest, I never paid particular attention to the fact that the means of transport traveled empty on the roads until Friday, but we will come back to this later. Let's go back to the story.


Arriving at my workplace, my boss tells me he received a call from one of our clients. Obviously, I can't use the customer's real name, so I'll call him Luigi. And Luigi is desperate, he needs the barbecue he ordered for the following day.

It is immediately excluded to entrust the delivery to a shipping service due to the timing. The best solution is to take care of the delivery yourself. I pick up my agenda and reschedule the various stages for Friday.

The next morning I get up early, load the barbecue into my company station wagon and hit the road. I arrive at my destination and make the delivery. Luigi is very satisfied with the speed of the service and decides to place new orders. After Luigi's thanks, I set off towards new customers, to finish the tour of visits re-planned for the day.

After getting on the A4 I proceed quickly on the third lane. Everything is going well, until I notice that, like me, all machines have something in common.

The cars are empty, only the driver is on board. At that moment it occurred to me that these could be combined with a sort of empty train, empty carriages, moving means of transport that travel empty or almost, always.

The images overlapped in my mind. I started thinking about my day, about changing my schedule, about the fact that I had transported the barbecue in the car.

My head started asking a lot of questions. Has anyone in the lane taken the same route as me? Surely. Could any of them have delivered the barbecue to Luigi because they were on the way? Surely. How many of these people have traveled the same path? If there is a BlaBlaCar for people, why not do it for goods? Why not.

Eventually I found an answer: transport logistics don't work, too much waste of time, money and fuel. How can this problem be solved?

Idea: Si-We-GO! Shared transport. No half-empty cars, vans or trucks. Less road traffic. Less pollution. Fewer accidents on the roads.

This is the story of how the idea of SiWeGO was born, e di SiWeGO would have remained so had it not been for Walter and Alessandro. Before being professional, our relationship was a twenty-year friendship based on mutual trust and respect.

It was on these values that we decided to found our start-up and our community.

Subsequently, our team expanded first with Renato and then other collaborators, allowing us to enrich ourselves with the different skills and experiences necessary for growth.

The strength of our team is the heterogeneity, from 24 to 60 years old, which has allowed us to combine energy with experience, competence with enthusiasm.

But the fundamental characteristic to be able to be part of our team is of the value type. In fact, I am proud to be able to say that all the people gathered around SiWeGO are decent people. This is the necessary condition for me . Ultimately, for us at SiWeGO, it is not enough to do your job well, but you need to do good with your work.


Marcello Favalli, CEO & Founder

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