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  • 1. Why should SiWeGO be of interest to me?
    Because SiWeGO connects those who travel every day for work or pleasure, by any means, with those who would like to take advantage of that journey to transport anything.Each of us travels every day by car, train, plane, bicycle or simply on foot. Take the chance: get a refund to carry something for those who really need the same journey as you!
  • 2. If traditional couriers already exist why should I use SiWeGO?
    Because SiWeGO puts unknown users in contact with each other: those who want to ship any object and those who are willing to transport it.If, on the other hand, you want to rely on a professional, SiWeGO also gives you this possibility by offering you various couriers that have space on their vehicle.
  • 3. How much does SiWeGO cost?
    Access to SiWeGO is free and open.For SiWeGO Easy private users, SiWeGO asks 7% on the refund of the shipment to whoever organizes the shipment (either sender or receiver).For example: to transport a parcel from Milan to Rome, ask for a 10 euro reimbursement of expenses; of those 10 euros, 0.70 is the commission payable to SiWeGO. For SiWeGO Professional professional hauliers, please consult the relevant page with tariffs.
  • 4. Who decides the refund price?
    You decide! It is the power of sharing economy community platforms: you set the cost of the refund and find who is willing to give you that amount.
  • 5. When do I get my refund? And how is it credited to me?
    You will receive a bank transfer with the sum of your expenses by the end of the month.
  • 6. What does the feedback consist of?
    You can give your vote to whoever transported your package or to the user who entrusted you with the shipment by selecting the number of stars next to the username (1 star = very bad judgment, 5 star = extremely positive score) < / p>
  • 7. What are the accepted payment methods?
    Any card that relies on the VISA, VISA Electron and Mastercard circuits.
  • 8. How can I get in direct contact with whoever transports or ships the package?
    SiWeGO provides the community with an advanced chat that also allows you to attach images.An example: before picking up a shipment you can have the photo of the opened package sent to you, to be even more sure of what you will have to transport.
  • 9. What do I do if my package is stolen or the item arrives broken at its destination?
    SiWeGO uses a control system based on a double unique code generated by the system: when the package arrives at its destination, the recipient must give the transporter the second and last control code. If the package does not arrive or the item arrives broken, the recipient does not give the code to the person who transported it, and the latter does not obtain the expected refund.Another very important mechanism typical of sharing economy communities is that of feedback: even before entrusting your package or receiving it from someone you can get an idea of the seriousness of your interlocutor.Finally, we remind you that, as an open community, there is a minimum of risk: but if, as per statistics, over 90% of the people who have tried the sharing economy can no longer do without it, there is a reason!
  • 10. What if the package is lost?
    Again, the user does not get his refund. You can try to choose the best for you by contacting only those with extremely positive feedback.
  • 11. What if a user uses me to send something illegal?
    The advantage of using the SiWeGO platform is that everything is strictly registered! If something illegal should happen, a report will be sent to the postal police to which SiWeGO will provide all the data of the persons involved and of the bargaining.SiWeGO offers its users all the necessary support, but since we are in a community where users are the protagonists, SiWeGO declines all responsibility.
  • 12. I have to send the package from one city to another, but there is no one traveling on that route: what do I do? "
    No problem: you are the protagonist! Enter a new route and wait for someone traveling along that route to contact you.
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